St. Lawrence Table Hockey Association

The Awesomest Table Hockey League Ever






Coleco Tournament Victories:  114, 132, 145, 225, 226

Team Record as of #322: 193-216-56

The Predators joined the league in Tournament #71 (July 15, 2000) as a cousin to Florida.  They wear custom made home and away jerseys.  The Preds can be a deadly team when put into the right hands.  The alternate yellow jersey looks cool, whatever anyone says.



Coleco Tournament Victories:  55, 196

Team Record as of #322: 165-233-59

Joining the league in Tournament #52 with three other teams, the Devils showed great success.  After their first and only win, that success has been greatly lacking.  The Devils wear custom made red and white uniforms. The Devils went 100 tournaments without winning a Cup. After tournament #155 they moved to Tampa Bay. A new franchise moved back into New Jersey for tournament #174.



Coleco Tournament Victories:  48, 60, 61, 126, 152, 162, 211, 229, 299

Team Record as of #322: 168-246-58

The Islanders joined the league in Tournament #45 (Oct. 23, 1999) with Atlanta.  They made the playoffs in their first four tournaments. They wear custom made current home, away and alternate "pylon" jerseys.  A black fourth jersey was voted in by the league members. They perform well with developing players. In 2005, the Islanders made the playoffs with 5 different members.



Coleco Tournament Victories:  40, 144, 179, 189, 190, 193, 194, 203, 204, 212, 222, 223, 235, 256, 257, 258, 259, 261, 262, 263, 268, 286, 287, 294, 296, 305, 309, 312, 314, 315, 317, 318, 319, 320, 322

Team Record as of #322: 410-183-60

The Rangers are one of the league's original twelve teams.  Although they had been to many Stanley Cup Finals, they had only one tournament win -- #40 by Noel. They went on a 113 tournament drought before winning #144.  They converted from Monroe metal to Coleco plastic in #45 and currently wear custom home, away and "Liberty Head" uniforms in both blue and white.  Now that they have been adopted as one of Noel's favorite teams they are a powerful force in the league. The Rangers are the first team to ever win 4 tournaments in a row.  Having over 25 tournament victories with the Rangers, Noel owns them for life.  GO RANGERS!



Coleco Tournament Victories:  57, 58, 63, 67, 88, 167, 170, 174, 198, 218, 281, 302, 316, 321

Team Record as of #322: 293-252-77

The Senators joined the league in Tournament #52 and quickly won five tournaments.  At one point, Ottawa had lost the last 7 finals they were in, this was very upsetting to Aaron, so he made them a new black uniform.  He went on to win tournament #167, then #170 and #174.  They then hit another drought, making the playoffs and finals several times without capturing the Stanley Cup (usually due to the Rangers), until Curtis had his Miracle Day in tournament #218.  During the leagues time in Victoria, the Sens won pennants with 3 different members.  They wear custom made current home and away uniforms, and a retro black uniform.   Seven different members have won a pennant with the Senators.




Coleco Tournament Victories:  8, 13, 16, 20, 36, 175

Team Record as of #322: 178-224-71

 An "original twelve" team, the Flyers were very successful as a Monroe player set, winning five early tournaments.  The Munroe players were replaced by plastic in #52. The Flyers once held a record of futility as the team going without winning a tournament (138 tournaments) They finally got one when Aaron picked them (for the 1st time in anybody's memory) in #175. The Flyers were also the 1st team to be played with by a female player in the Stanley Cup Finals (Megan R. #249)  The Flyers currently wear custom made home, away and alternate uniforms and occasionally don the retro 1970's Coleco uniforms.



Coleco Tournament Victories:  64, 82, 135

Team Record as of #322: 176-188-71

Phoenix joined the league in #52.  They have won three tournaments but are never the first place team when winning.  The Coyotes wear custom made current home and away uniforms, much classier than the old ones. For some reason, Phoenix ties a lot of games.  Amanda once spelled the team name "FINEXES" and it was funny.  The league is awaiting the possible relocation of the NHL franchise... but to where?



Coleco Tournament Victories:  38, 42, 44, 68, 142, 151, 304

Team Record as of #322: 179-260-89

The Penguins are on of the "original twelve" teams.  They began tournament play as Monroe players until being replaced by 1970's Coleco in #14.  They wore the baby blue uniforms until sometime in the 50's tournaments when custom black uniforms were designed.  They currently wear custom made uniforms in home, away and alternate powder blues, after switching from the "Jagr-era" uniforms.



Coleco Tournament Victories:  14, 17, 54, 95, 230

Team Record as of #322: 211-249-78

Quebec joined the league in Tournament #14.  They wear custom made white home and blue away jerseys. Quebec now also has a 1972 WHA alternate uniform.  Quebec has won five tournaments, including the first one they ever played in.



Coleco Tournament Victories:  4, 33, 71, 121, 123, 136, 208

Team Record as of #322: 211-251-83

"The Blues will be singin' the blues" - Tie Domi, Global TV 1990's Leafs promo

The Blues are an "original twelve" team who have won seven tournaments.  They began in the league as Monroe players until being replaced by 1980's Coleco in #14.  They currently wear modern, custom made, home, away and alternate uniforms.  They choose no favourites, having won with three different members, twice each - and one with Donnie, who wants another.





 Coleco Tournament Victories:  141

Team Record as of #322: 175-235-57

The Sharks entered the league  in Tournament #60 (Apr. 23, 2000) with Anaheim and Tampa Bay.  They began with a terrible record, 4-22, but have improved steadily.  They wear custom home, away and black alternate uniforms.  The Sharks have only one tournament victory, by Derek in #141.  He reached the Finals with them in the next Tournament, but lost.


Coleco Tournament Victories: 308

Team Record as of #322: 118-148-25

The Lightning joined the league in Tournament #60 with two other teams. They were unpopular and did not play well, making the playoffs only once before they folded in #103. The Tampa Bay Lightning rejoined the league in tournament #156, replacing the New Jersey Devils after they went 100 tournaments without winning the cup. The new Lightning wear custom made home and away uniforms, and a retro alternate uniform.



Coleco Tournament Victories:  1, 29, 86, 215

Team Record as of #322: 234-258-66

One of the "original twelve" teams, Toronto won the first ever official table hockey tournament in Brockville with Noel, vs Scott and the LA Kings.  They returned to the finals in #2 but lost to the Kings.  Like Montreal, their Monroe uniforms were replaced by 1980's style Coleco players along with an alternate white uniform for home games. These uniforms were replaced for tournament #164 with current custom made home, away and alternate uniforms and replaced again prior to #323, including a white throwback uniform.




Coleco Tournament Victories:  9, 12, 89, 134, 182, 221, 245, 266, 288

Team Record as of #322: 248-229-85

The Canucks are the only team remaining from the first expansion, which included the "World" teams: the St. John's Maple Leafs (later renamed Team Canada), CCCP Red Army, Czech Republic, and the Australia Out-Backers (later renamed Yukon Golddiggers, then Yellowknife Gold Diggers).

Vancouver wore the 1980's Coleco "V" jersey and got a second jersey (1970's Coleco) in the 50's tournaments.  The Canucks have also worn the black 1986 "skate" uniform, a custom made home "V" jersey, an alternate red 1996 "skate" uniform, and the Orca era alternate. They currently wear custom made modern "orca" uniforms in home, away and have a yellow Skate logo alternate. 6 different players have won pennants with the Canucks.





Coleco Tournament Victories:  NA

Team Record as of #323: 0-0-0

The Vegas Golden Knights were created in Jan. 2018 and awaited Tournament #323.  They wear only 2 uniforms as the NHL had put the alternate jersey program on hiatus.  Will the StLTHA Vegas win a Stanley Cup before the NHL Knights do?




Coleco Tournament Victories:  65, 149, 165, 232

Team Record as of #322: 165-242-60

The Capitals joined the league in #59.  They originally played in custom made blue "eagle" away uniforms before switching to custom black alternate uniforms.  After that, they wore home and away 1980's style uniforms, before settling on the current "eagle" home and "state building" away uniforms. Washington now wears the new RBK uniforms and also has a blue late 90's alt uniform. Tim has all but one of Washington's tournament championships.



Coleco Tournament Victories:  37, 72, 101, 130

Team Record as of #322: 229-250-80

The Jets joined the league in Tournament #14.  They originally wore the original 1980's Coleco away uniform and a custom made replica of the 1980's home uniform. They have worn both home and away 90's style uniforms, (one of the best looking in the league), and an alternate white 80's uniform.  With the return of the Jets in the NHL, the StLTHA Jets have switched to the new RBK uniforms.  The Jets have won four tournaments with four different members: Scott, Tim, Greg, and Noel. Aaron is still trying, having lost 2 Finals with the Jets.  Abbott St. and Victoria Olympic Division members have frequently brought them to the Finals also.