St. Lawrence Table Hockey Association

The Awesomest Table Hockey League Ever


Clio, Noel’s wife, joined the StLHA in tournament #299. After losing
multiple games with her favourite teams (Canadiens, Blues, Flames) she
took Noel’s advice and selected teams she normally wouldn’t. The
Pittsburgh Penguins (Clio’s third most hated team behind Vancouver and
Boston) chose Clio to carry them to the Stanley Cup. Clio’s play-style has
been compared to Diana’s (sorry, Diana!) as she has learned how to shoot
better and fires everything she can at the net. Still needing improvement
in defense, the Table Hockey Gods have finally allowed Clio to win with a team she actually likes (Ottawa).

Coleco Record: (117 - 71 - 22 - 9)

Eagle Record: (61 - 37 - 12)

Favourite Teams:

Coleco Tournament Victories: 304, 316, 321

Eagle Tournament Victories:  1, 3, 7, 9, 12, 14