St. Lawrence Table Hockey Association

The Awesomest Table Hockey League Ever


Curtis is always pumped to play table hockey.  If its a tournament, or a fun exhibition game -- it's go time!  Although lacking many fundamental skills, he never fails to bring his 100%.  Curtis was on the verge of becoming: "The Player Who Has Played in the Most Tournaments, Without Ever Getting to The Finals".  During his last chance to escape this fate, under intense pressure, Curtis upset Donnie, Noel, and Matt to win his 1st tournament.  Just amazed.  Curtis enjoys Star Wars (trading his Coleco Power Play game to Noel for a giant Star Wars poster), McDonalds and Joe Carter. He also knows boats.

Coleco Record: (111 - 143 - 25 - 16)

Favourite Teams:

Coleco Tournament Victories:218, 229