St. Lawrence Table Hockey Association

The Awesomest Table Hockey League Ever


Donnie, AKA: The Shirtless Dirt, has been the host to many of the tournaments since #200, putting Abbott St. on the table hockey map.  He has also been integral to contacting and introducing many new players to the league.  His playing ritual includes wearing joggs, Homer Simpson slippers, backwards Expos hat, aviator glasses, and no shirt.  His trash talk during play leaves him with little fan support, but this hardly seems to matter, since he was the first Abbott St. player to win a tournament.  Donnie also enjoys beer, cars, music, beer, DVDs, drinking, baseball, beer, breaking hearts, signs and beer.

Coleco Record: (151 - 98 - 30 - 7)


Favourite Teams:

Coleco Tournament  Victories: 208, 215