St. Lawrence Table Hockey Association

The Awesomest Table Hockey League Ever


Shawn is a 5 Time Table Hockey Champion from Hamilton ON.  A champion back in the mid 80s, he has now brought his game to Victoria and the StLTHA in hopes to continue his winning ways. He prides himself on getting to loose pucks faster then his opponent and leaving them swinging for pucks that are no longer there. He too, like League Co-Founder Scott, hates NHL teams in the Southern States and cheers for Northern teams only.  Shawn is pictured with his Islander hero, whom he stalks to this very day, GO ISLANDERS!

Coleco Record: (111- 54 - 20 - 9)

Favourite Teams:

Coleco Tournament Victories: 244, 245, 246, 248, 255, 297, 299, 302, 307, 311